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Harry Potter és a Bölcsek köve:

dumbledore harry harry harry hermione

hermione ron ron trio harry ron

harry neville  trio glasses 'he wore round' precious memories' harry 'the boy who lived'

harry 'the boy who lived' enter stranger but take heed harry getting his wand harry trying to catch his letter flying owl over intro

Harry catching the Snitch


Harry Potter és a Titkok Kamrája:

harry harry harry harry hermione

hermione hermione ron ron ron

harry ron hedwig draco tom riddle lucious malfoy ginny

fred and george gilderoy lockhart fred and george 'double trouble' 'cheers to richard harris'


Harry Potter és az Azkabani Fogoly:















Harry Potter és a Tűz Serlege:


harry hermione 'don't worry harry' harry harry hermione harry ron



harry cho 'could it be love' hermione ron trio cho harry parvati 'the yule ball'




harry 'eat the gillyweed harry' the pensieve twitchy little ferret twitchy little ferret this must be underwater love

golden egg hermione krum 'is it love' triwizard champions difficult times lie ahead harry the adventure continues

introducing beauxbatons dumbledore 'there comes a time' harry hermione dancing trio 'from a little spark' harry dribbling

beauxbatons girls entrance main gof characters yule ball  


Harry Potter és a Főnix Rendje:











Harry Potter és a Halál Ereklyéi:





gryffindor logo cartoon gryffindor logo sewn gryffindor trio hufflepuff logo cartoon hufflepuff logo sewn

ravenclaw logo cartoon ravenclaw logo sewn slytherin logo cartoon slytherin logo sewn draco and gang

draco snape 'slytherin' hogwarts logo sewn hogwarts logo 'welcome to hogwarts'


'gryffindor' gryffindor saying

'hufflepuff' hufflepuff saying

'ravenclaw' ravenclaw saying




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